WHAT IS THE WORD OF GOD? authoritative, inerrant, clear, necessary, sufficient

WHAT IS THE WORD OF GOD? authoritative, inerrant, clear, necessary, sufficient

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Who has the final say in what we should believe and what we should do? Who can give us the clue to the purpose of our existence? Who can help us understand why things are the way they are in the world and how things could get better? The answer is most assuredly the creator and sustainer of everything and everyone. God Himself is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. Yet how are we to know what God says? These basic questions have a tremendous amount of significance for every single person who has ever or will ever live.

One of the many great things concerning the written Word of God is that it is just that—the written Word of God. Please allow me to risk being too repetitive here. The Bible is not a word about God. Rather the Bible is the Word of God. Where the Bible speaks, God speaks. In the Scriptures, God speaks authoritatively, inerrantly, clearly, necessarily, and sufficiently to His creation.

When the doctrines of Scripture’s authority, inerrancy, clarity, necessity, and sufficiency have been upheld in church history, the glory of God has been most clearly on display because the gospel of Jesus has been most faithfully preached. When these doctrines have been ignored or denied, the glory of man has been on display because he trusted in his wisdom over God’s. Come study what these doctrines mean, how they have affected the church in ages past, and how they affect us today.


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