Ekklesia Chili Cook-Off 2018

Ekklesia Chili Cook-Off 2018

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Our second annual Ekklesia Chili Cook-Off will be held at the Ekklesia Muskogee Building on Sunday, January 28th at 12pm, directly following that morning’s worship gathering. This is free for all people. All you need to do is show up and you’ll get your belly filled (while the Chili lasts!).

The different Chili recipe’s will be voted on resulting in the winner being showcased at the Muskogee Chili Cook-Off in April as our official recipe. Every year we as a church set up a booth to take part in the largest event held in the city of Muskogee each year. We think this is a terrific event and we love being a part of it.

*Make sure that your Chili is a Stove Top recipe—that is how we will be able to mass-produce the winner later on in April. 

If you wish to enter a recipe or you are able to provide bowls, spoons, or napkins, please email Jennie Price at jennieap@icloud.com


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