What is Ekklesia all about?

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In short, we are all about Jesus. We believe local churches exist to make disciples, love cities, and plant churches that share the same vision. We believe the local church is a community of regenerated believers who confess Jesus Christ … Continued

Don’t Waste Your Life

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The American dream beckons people to spend their lives on trivial diversions, slipping through life caught up with seeking success, comfort, and pleasure above all else. But God designed people for far more than this. In this best-selling book, John … Continued

Sermons (by series)

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“The focus of 2 John is living in the love of God in accordance with the truth of Jesus Christ. This love extends not only to God but to other people. It is also discerning; it does not ‘go on ahead’ … Continued

Why We Believe The Bible

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With the deluge of communication around us—books, newspapers, blogs, journals, and magazines all insisting that their view of the world is most compelling—which should we trust? This is no small question. In fact, our answer has eternal implications. The twelve-session … Continued

Sermons (by scripture)

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THE OLD TESTAMENT (55 sermons) Sermons on Genesis (17) Sermons on Exodus (13) Sermons on Deuteronomy (2) Sermons on Joshua (12) Sermons on the Psalms (2) Sermons on Isaiah (6) Sermons on Jeremiah (1) Sermons on Daniel (1) Sermons on … Continued

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WHAT IS THIS?  Good Friday is the day each year that Christians celebrate the fact that Jesus was crucified. But why? Why do Christians celebrate such a horrific death? The reasons are many, but the main point is this: On … Continued

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