#3 “Hope In His Sovereignty”

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“Hope In His Sovereignty” was preached on December 16th, 2012 by Pastor Nathan Yarbrough at the worship gathering of Ekklesia Muskogee. Week #3 in Ekklesia’s An Old Hope; A New Hope Advent sermon series. [tabgroup] [/tabgroup]

The Doctrines of Grace – Concluding Testimonies and A Final Appeal

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This concludes our series of posts concerning The Doctrines of Grace, otherwise known as the Five Points of Calvinism. This is post #7 and it is concerning Concluding Testimonies and A Final Appeal. Please click here to view #1 Introduction and Historical Information #2 Total Depravity #3 Irresistible … Continued

The Doctrines of Grace – Introduction and Historical Information

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INTRODUCTION  Is God completely sovereign in man’s salvation?  I am continually asked questions concerning the sovereignty (complete rule and control) of God in salvation. Whether it’s about election, predestination, Christ’s death on the cross, the grace of God in bringing … Continued

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